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What factors will affect the life of the flange?

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Flangeisaveryimportantcomponentintheprocessofactualuse,thenwhatfactorswillaffectitsservicelife?Thishasbecomeamatterofgreatconcerntoeveryone. Infact,fromthecurrentsituation,thelargeflangematerialhasare
Flange is a very important component in the process of actual use, then what factors will affect its service life? This has become a matter of great concern to everyone.  
In fact, from the current situation, the large flange material has a relatively high viscosity and the cutting performance is relatively poor. Therefore, some large flanges basically have some cutting and scratching workpiece threads during many machining processes. Or if there are some other situations, then in this case, it will definitely have a series of effects on the quality of his production tools and threads. In order to effectively extend the service life, it must be improved in a short time. The quality of the entire thread.
There are significant changes in the thermomechanical properties over the entire length of the flange, especially in the production of large flanges, which will definitely affect the degree of crystallization generated above and also affect the precipitation of the grains. Under this circumstance, the length of the original large flange can not be processed at all times, or the fiber structure of the original flange will be changed drastically. In the process of grinding, the original geometry must be maintained. The shape, it is best to use some other way to grind, in order to solve the problems they may have. 
In addition, the large flange must choose some better tap material in the selection process, which is also a factor that affects her sleep, because the special high-speed tool steel adds special alloy elements, which will definitely improve the whole method. Blue wear resistance and toughness.